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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Master Energy Healing Online

Practice. Introduction to Healing Yourself

Recorded Live.

Following on from the Teaching, Healing Yourself, Anna provides guidance to release emotions that lead to dis-ease, such as anger and grief to return to a space of inner space. Anna uses simple techniques that can be used whenever the need arises, using intuition to unlock the answers to the questions that lie within.

When you can access this space, you will find that you have all the tools you need to deal with any situation that arises. The challenge in the beginning is to believe in the energy that you are feeling, but with most things with Practice you will get better.

Meditation – Sending Healing with Love.

Meditation, beginner's/intermediate.

If you've know of anyone who is ill, stressed, distressed or generally out of sorts, here is something tangible that you can do to assist them.

Please just follow my voice to send the energy of healing love, whether subtly (privately) or with their knowledge. It all makes a difference and you feel you're being of assistance.

Your Introduction to Intuition and Other Energy Work

Intuition is the voice of your Soul. It's how you differentiate matter into what matters and what does not, a discernment that helps with the flow of your life in where you place attention.and other energy work.

When you read life through your intuition and are able to understand the different levels of energy all interplaying here, life becomes more than black and white, good and bad, positive and negative.

You start to see a much bigger picture, where you fit in and how you can move yourself around it. All falls into place and life becomes very rich indeed. Listen here to a talk that Anna gave on this aspect of life dynamic, and please don't hesitate to come back to me with any insights or questions!

Master Energy Healing Online

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Best Energy Healing Expert

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